We're committed to contributing to the social and economic well-being of our local communities, to supporting a culture of integrity and equality in our workforce, and to integrating environmental responsibility into our business.

Navient is distinguished for reaching gender parity in the boardroom. Half of the 10-member board of directors are women.


Through our partners and our people, we support the local communities in which we live and work.

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We also provide financial literacy resources and free tools that help empower people to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives.

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Philanthropy and corporate citizenship go hand-in-hand at Navient, where we encourage employees to give back to our communities with gifts of time, talent, and money.

Our employees get involved in a variety of community activities such as distributing and reading books to kids, participating in blood drives, and collecting food and school supplies for families in need. Through the Jeans BeCause program, our employees raise funds for a variety of charitable organizations in our hometowns.

We honor the philanthropic commitment of our people nationwide. We offer up to four hours of paid leave per month to empower employees to volunteer for a Navient-supported program in their community.


Building on our focus to help people along the path to financial success, the Navient Foundation supports organizations that address the root causes that limit financial success for all Americans.

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We are focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our corporate operations. We emphasize electronic communications and transactions to reduce wasted paper.

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We follow best practices in corporate governance. Our Code of Business Conduct, training, and governance policies help ensure that we meet high standards of ethical behavior and always strive to do the right thing to serve our stakeholders. Our executive compensation practices strongly link pay and performance.


Navient is distinguished for reaching gender parity in the boardroom. Half of the 10-member board of directors are women.

These women directors are among a board with diversity of industry backgrounds, skills, and experiences.

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Money Under 35 — A Financial Health Study

A study of the financial health of young Americans aged 22 to 35, conducted with Ipsos.

Highlights of the study include

  • Feedback from more than 3,000 young adults from all levels of educational attainment
  • Financial health metrics as measured by Money Under 35’s custom index
  • Financial habits and priorities
  • Impact of educational attainment and student debt
  • Life and career satisfaction levels
  • Employment status

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