The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of our society. We are fully committed to doing our part, to help communities, organizations, and individuals weather this storm.

Our business processing solutions are helping government agencies and healthcare providers maintain their financial footing, while also ensuring their constituents and patients have the information and resources they need. Our resolve is strong and unwavering, because there’s only one way to win this fight: together.

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What We’ve Already Done

We have taken many steps to mitigate the impact of the crisis on our clients, their constituents, and our employees, and we will continue taking proactive steps as needed.

  • Transitioned thousands of employees to work-from-home environments, ensuring compliance with social distancing and data security requirements
  • Streamlined our contracting process, so we can get new initiatives up and running quickly for organizations needing urgent support
  • Stood up multiple, 100-plus-person virtual, temporary contact centers — each in just a few days — to ensure states’ constituents could speak with live agents about unemployment packages and other benefits. Contact us at the phone number or email address above, if your state could use this kind of support.
  • Delivered contact center solutions to support several states' contact tracing and vaccine coordination programs
  • Contacted our hundreds of clients nationwide, to assure them that we are continuing to handle their current work; to offer temporary, enhanced support; and to explain how we are staying compliant with rapidly changing government mandates
  • Donated 10,000 N95 masks to local front-line healthcare workers in our communities
  • Informed our hundreds of healthcare clients about the expansion of CMS’s Accelerated and Advance Payments Program and the changing requirements for COVID-19 patient coding, to help ensure the healthcare community has the financial resources and data needed to understand, track, and combat the virus


We leverage our scale, technology, and four decades of expertise to help ensure success for our clients and those they serve.

  • 6,000 employees based at service centers in 14 states and Washington, DC, most now fully operational at home
  • 10 million customers supported
  • 10 domestic call operations centers, plus ready-to-deploy relationships with global service centers
  • 270 million inbound and outbound calls annually
  • 750 million servicing transactions annually
  • 7 million payments processed and reconciled monthly

Also, our robust disaster recovery protocols ensure our operations continue in even the most challenging moments.

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Stay-at-home mandates and other personnel impacts are making it difficult for organizations to fulfill their communication obligations. If you’re facing similar challenges, we can help by:

  • Fielding inbound calls using client-approved scripting
  • Placing outbound calls to conduct contact tracing and/or accelerate application processes
  • Supplementing state resources to meet residents’ needs

Leveraging our rapid deployment protocols and streamlined contracting process, we can have 100-plus-person virtual, interim call centers up and running quickly, including training, connectivity, and call routing.

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Stay Well.
We’re stronger together.

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